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10 yr Judgment in Florida - need help pls.

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Florida judgment will be 10 yrs old on 4/2012.

1. What is the window in which the Plaintiff must file if they want to keep the judgment in place for another 10 years?

2. At what point is the process of having Judgment removed from credit report initiated?

Thank you for your help & time.

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Thank you for your reply.

Can a lien be placed on any property during the next 10 years?

I just realized that the Plaintiff had not filed an Annual report since 1999. Then on March 24, 2005 the Plaintiff filed annual reports to 2005...all have 3/30/05 dates. The Judgment was filed in January 2005 during which time the Plaintiff was not in good standing. At present the company that placed the Judgment has been in an automatic dissolution status since 2008?

Does this mean anything?


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