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CRA Refusal to investigate letter


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Hi, Guys

I disputed my negatives to all three but got a letter from TU and Experian stating that those items were previously investigated and that they wouldn't investigate them again. I did dispute using the same reasons after two months between disputes. What should I do next? I read the following from this site but it applies when the letter states that the CRA are receiving disputes from a third party. Please help

It says this:

1: Do NOT respond to the form letter--it grants them an extension, which is what they want.

2: After the 30 days from date of receipt is over, call their offices, and ask the status of the dispute. They will probably tell you that they didn't investigate because they sent a request for more information. Hang up on the operator without another word.

3: Wait 5 days after the 30 days is expired(just in case they DID investigate). If they don't send you an updated credit report, advance to.....

4: Make copies of your certified mail receipt, a copy of the dispute letter you sent to TransUnion, and a copy of their "3rd party agency" letter. Draft a VARIATION of the following letter yours truly just wrote out a few minutes ago(don't verbatim it...they'll just figure it's a form letter if you do...jazz it up some)

5: Shoot the copies and this letter off to them certified mail, give them 16 days from the date they receive it, and pull a copy of your credit report.

6: If the tradelines aren't deleted, go file a suit against them for FCRA violations, and any state laws you can come up with...maybe include a little request for punitive damages for stress, embarassment, degraded social standing and credit obtaining ability, etc.

7: Wait for them to call and settle up with you. Grab a little little money (always nice) and get your tradelines deleted.

That's all you need to do...it's a very simple procedure, really.

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