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Answering a complaint


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It's been awhile, but I return, hat in hand so to speak, to ask this question.

I have received a "complaint for money due". The complaint names a major credit card company as the plaintiff and is represented by, as near as I can tell a JDB/Law firm here in NM. I contacted the CC issuer. The robo voice on the other end said "(name of issuer) no longer handles or has access to this account it is being handled by ( a large national CA/lawfirm but not the one named in my complaint. I have read and reread admin's and others comments re:"who really is the plaintiff here". It is apparently not the CC issuer. In answering this complaint should I:

1) Tip my hand that I know the JDB/Law firm is lying about who the plaintiff is, when it is in fact the JDB/Law firm named on the complaint?

2) Just answer the complaint on its own merit?

I have no other correspondence from the JDB so I have not dv'd them.


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