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Tips on Collegiate Homelessness

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Experian vital info from my credit report on the eve of my move to a new place.

So, after 2 long years of improving my credit situation, I am back to being a homeless college student. Here are my tips to being homeless and in college:

  • Get excellent grades. I get a near-full scholarship every year if I keep my grades above a 3.5.
  • Sign up for the YMCA/YWCA. Even if you're not a "C". Cheap showers, nice people, discount gym action.
  • Get a locker at your local gym. Get a nice lock. You can store almost everything you need there.
  • Get a locker at school, if your college offers them.
  • Ride a bike.
  • Don't be an *******. Being an ******* is the ONLY threat to your homeless student lifestyle.
  • Sign up at several libraries.
  • Have weed to barter your way out of sticky situations on the street or at school.

Outside of all that, you can actually have a pretty good life being homeless and in college. If you're thrifty and a nice person, you can crash at a hotel on the weekends, while enjoying the thrill of your own backseat the rest of the week, while supplementing with friendly couches. Save your money!

I'm now homeless, effective today, because.... *drumroll*.... Experian deleted important elements on my report a week before I was to move in to a new place, and Experian is the only bureau the new landlord pulls. One month pr so of homelessness, then back to the dorms for summer session.

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I'm just so sick of being sad about this. I turned a corner when I packed my stuff into a storage unit and just sat and made a list of everything in it. When I was done with that, I made a long list of pro's and con's of my current situation.

The thing is, I'm not unhappy or homeless for lack of money. I've managed to save nearly $7K over the last 2 years. I just want to buy a new OLD car (about $2-3K) and an apartment of my own (around $2K to move in) and not get jacked with crazy interest. Living below my means because of credit issues has been, oddly, good for me.

The longer my list got, the more benefit I found in being temporarily homeless, believe it or not. What is a month? I don't have kids to feed. I have a couple of decent jobs. My family's a lost cause, and without having to worry about rent and dependents, I'll save another $2K before I can move back into Honors dorms.

At this point, the upside to temporary homelessness is looking better daily. I'm totally planning to sue the sh*t out of Experian once this is all over. The big downside to being homeless is that being homeless is totally embarassing and killing my social life. But so is being an honors student. It's nice to see who your friends *really* are during times like these.

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Got a dorm! Yay! An Honor's dorm finally opened up, so I'm moving in with the least fun roommate EVER, and I could not be more excited! Yay! Low Drama! Bed! Not having to sleep in my car! W00000!!!

I feel so OLD. I hear my friends in school complaining that their parents "only" give them $1000 a month in spending money, and I have to resist the urge to throw up in my mouth and/or scream at them that there are people out there (like me) who would GLADLY take that.

Living on the streets has, in some awful Dickensian way, made me a better person. This month alone, I made $2700 and saved $2200 of it because... I have been so very broke for so long that this month of living in my car really... wow... I just haven't spent money on anything but gas, food, and YWCA membership stuff. I've just been shuttling from work to college to YWCA to my other work then sleeping in my car at work.

Oddly, I find my new dorm to be an imminent threat to my financial well-being, ironically. The dorm is free (scholarship), but now I have new friends and suitemates who want me to do expensive things like buy fast food and "go shopping".

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