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United Collection Services VoiceMail - Classic Idiot Collections Rep

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Last week I get a call from my father. He told me he received a voicemail for my wife stating they filed a lawsuit against her, but did not say where they are from. He thought it was the district court in the city we live in.

Yesterday, I am over at his house and he plays this voicemail for me. The collection rep says she is calling from or is Attorney Smith and we received this phone number from some legal documents they obtained. They are filing a lawsuit in her local district court, but before they can serve her, she needs to call them immediately. Our district court requires that she calls.

So, I had my father make a copy of the voicemail. I had to call the number they left to see if it was an attorney of a CA. It is a company called USC or United Collections. That was a classic voicemail.

What an idiot..scare tactics do not work..but an easy $1,000 is coming!!!

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