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Creditor added back after Chapter 7 discharged?


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What do you mean "reported back to Ch 7"?

Not all lenders will continue to report even if you have reaffirmed. If you have reaffirmed, then normally the tradeline will read: Ch 7 reaffirmed

I have seen lenders report the payments in a loan that was reaffirmed (I had one), but not all of them do. Some just leave it as iib zero balance.

The creditor is the one that is supposed to report the tradeline- accurately. Of course, its up to us to make sure they do. If they don't, then you notify the creditor directly of their "error" and if they don't fix it, it is a violation of the discharge injunction. Have your BK attorney send a letter if they don't cooperate with you, I have found that works. I haven't had to take it further than that.

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