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So my case with crap1. They got their unform forgein judgement here. But I have a lwayer who tried to settle no settlement. Got another one tried to settle as well nothing. Hannas lawyer in an email told the attorney I hired if I can show proof I didn't live in the state they got the judgement in. They would file a motion to vacate forgien judgement( basically drop the case here) I was in the process of filing a motion to vacate the judgement where they got the judgement at. But was told to wait. What can I do if they don't file papers yet they have in an email if I could show proof which I did. How long should I wait before trying to attack that judgement? Who would I serve the papers to hannas office the original firm who had the case( which they don't even have the files anymore) or crap 1 at their fake address?

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