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Joint Collection Account - Primary Account Holders Debt

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I signed a lease for an apartment with two other people. We all fell behind in rent and had to move out. I was told one of the other room mates were making payments towards the debt.

I pulled my credit report and found that the debt was in collections. I had no knowledge this account was even about to default. I had the other 2 roommates sign a roommate release form. Which releases me from all financial obligation on the debt and they take full responsibility.

I sent this to the original creditor and they said they would forward the forms to the collection agency and I have to wait for a response from the collection agency. If it is up to the collection agency they will not release me from the debt,

how can I get released from financial obligation when the other parties agree its their fault its in default but I signed the contract?

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Was the roommate release form from the apartment complex or a form you generated?:confused: If the debt is still owned by the OC, they have the power to make their collection agency do what they are requesting.:Domina: If the debt was sold, then you have to deal with the collection agency. You can request the CRA's to verify the information. If they can't, it will disappear. If the JDB owns this account and refuses to remove it, it may be necessary for you to take your roommates to court.:boxing: You can get your money from them to pay it and I would ask about getting it removed from my credit report.

All of the secondary information is premature if your roommate release was not per your apartment complex! The apartment complex is not liable for an agreement they did not institute.:hmm:

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