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Can some one explain minnesota civil law in layman's terms

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Hello I have just started researching Minnesota civil procedure but not having any experience, this becomes some what confusing, well really confusing.

what I would love is if someone with lots of legal know how, could break it down into layman's terms.

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I'm not an expert in MN law, but I can warn you about something called "pocket docket" or pocket service.

That's when the plaintiff serves you with a complaint, but they don't have to file it with a court. So the debtor contacts the court, finds there is no record of a lawsuit, and thinks the complaint is bogus and ignores it.

Then they end up with a default judgment against them.

Always answer a complaint in MN.

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What area are you focusing on that is causing you the most trouble. Why don't you ask a specific question about a specific area of concern.

The rules of procedure are the Bible for your case. However, your question is like asking somebody to tell you about the Bible. There is just a lot in there. Can you narrow the scope of your question a little.

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