? about produce the note (to prevent foreclosure) in GA

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After reviewing this non for profit website located in GA:

(you will have to add the www as I cannot post links)

I have a few questions as we are in active foreclosure and the HAMP mod reapplication process.

I just reviewed the papers that were filed with the court to get relief from our auto stay and they show copies of the original mortgage Co. that we applied for the loan through, but no documents whatsoever that show them selling my mortgage to National City, the only docs they included were a merger with PNC. Does that sound legit? or should I hire an attorney to help me have them produce the note? I thought they didn't have to as long as their was a security deed on file in GA, but honestly I don't recall ever seeing one for my home when I used to login to the website to review my security deeds. As a matter of fact the security deed for my large acreage that I just lost this January was only showing the company I originally took my loan out with, no transfers to other banks that were sold and bought them out. Is that legal?

How can it be legal in any state non judicial or judicial to be able to foreclose without the original note? If my last foreclosure was done illegally can I do anything now?

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