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Property tax lien collection - public record. Am i doing the right thing?


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Hey guys,

I tried to apply for a car loan thinking i have good credit and a 700's credit score. I was denied as my credit score apparently dropped to the low 600's (now around 650) and I had a public record / collection for a property tax lien.

What happened is that i bought my first ever property last year, a amazing deal on a short sale condo in Atlanta that I bought with cash. I decided to keep it and rent it out (legally) even though i was leaving to go to grad school in New York. It was the first time i ever owned a home/condo and I stupidly just didnt think about the property tax. Turns out the city was sending me several tax notices (to my tenant i suspect), but i never saw or heard of these while living in NYC. I paid the minute i heard about the tax lien so that i can get approved for the car loan, however by the time i found out about it, the city has already turned it over to a collections agency and put this on my credit.

It seems to only have been reported to Transunionas a "record of deeds", filed on 12/21/2010 with a balance of $780. Luckily this is just the County tax, I was able to pay the city tax before they reported it to collections.

I attempted to dispute this with the Credit Agency and of course it came back confirmed. From reading various board, i assume the next best thing i can do is try to find email/mailing address for someone at the county assessors office and write a goodwill letter? unfortunately i dont see these people giving two ****s about my credit problems and actually wasting their time on it, but i guess its worth a try ? Do you guys agree that this is the best next step? Also, any suggestions on who i should try to contact at the city (higher up or mid level)? I reallyyyyy dont want this stupid mistake to haunt me for 10 years, especially since i hear that a property tax lien will make it VERY hard for me to ever get a mortgage.

Any input would be much appreciated!!!!!!!!!


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Pay it...a tax lien is usually a few months away from the property being sold at auction...

The best you can hope for is that the listing gets updated to paid.

Already paid it, paid as soon as i found out. it is listed as paid in my credit report...thats not the issue.

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