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I quit my somewhat-lucrative corporate job two weeks ago. I was with this global company for 10 years and was "fast tracked" into management. I quit because I couldn't bear the thought of becoming a know-nothing middle management corporate guy that is 100% dependent on the whims of management to feed my family.

Its a bit unnerving, but last night I got the call I waiting for. Tomorrow is my first day with a small law firm that deals primarily with Chapter 7s, Chapter 13s, mortgage modifications, and consumer law issues. I guess I caught the bug on this site. :D The firm is looking at me to bring some creativity to the firm in these areas. Certainly taking a salary haircut in the first year and likely be working a ton more hours, but I'll be on the front lines of this stuff. And I'll be happy.

I'll share some stuff with the boards as I'm able to wrap my mind around all this. This isn't a BK mill, and they tend to take on complex cases that require additional work (Chapter 13s, discharging federal and state taxes, lien stripping, cramdown on vehicles, etc.). Very exciting. No time to "ease in", I'm in court on my first day. :shock:

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Thanks! Pretty excited about it. I randomly sent a packet of info (cover letter, resume, transcript, a research paper, and letters of rec) to this firm because their philosophy seemed to match mine. To my surprise they called me the same day and asked me to come in and discuss. My wife was freaking out that I only sent out one resume and my former job was quickly coming to an end- I asked her to hang on and have faith....I believe things happen for a reason.

I plan to bring some much valued consumer law services. Creative use of vehicle redemption, lien stripping, FDCPA and FCRA claims where appropriate, etc. I'd also like to tweak the bankruptcy department so they're more holistic. Something like adding a credit repair timeline and simple budgeting software so clients can get on with their lives. I don't know, its a work in progress...

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This is week 4. 11-12/hr days and so busy it is hard to use the bathroom during the day. Never seen anything like it. 2 attorneys (one being me) and 7 paralegals and I can't keep up.

The jury is still out- its been tough to see my two little kids but I'm hoping a couple of years of this will payoff in the long run.


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