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Newbie With Questions


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I have been lurking for months, my first post.

1.) I am being sued by LVNV Funding represented by Buffaloe & Associates.

I live in Tennessee

2) I requested Debt Validation and received 2 pages of old transactions nothing more.

3.) I filed my sworn denial and sent to Attorney CMRR

4.)Today I pull my credit report and see that this Attorney's office

Pulled my credit with "That I was requesting credit from them" as the


5.)The debt is way past SOL TN is 6 yrs I plan on fighting and am not too worried as our General Sessions Judge is a nice guy and I feel like he will listen.

My question what is the law about them pulling my credit info in the way that they did?

I also disputed LVNV being on there at all.

On a sidenote the account number and original creditor LVNV has reported is not correct. I had an account with that number/but not with original creditor they have stated.

Hope I didn't ramble too much..A little nervous asking questions as you guys certainly know a lot :)

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Legitimate Business Need

It is also considered a "permissible purpose" if you obtain a consumer report when you have a legitimate business need for the information

in connection with a business transaction that is initiated by the consumer, or

to review an account to determine whether the consumer continues to meet the terms of the account.

The first hurdle you must surmount here is the requirement that there be a "legitimate business need". Then, you must either be reviewing an account to determine continued eligibility, or the business need must be in connection with a business transaction that the consumer has initiated.

If, for example, an individual applies to open a deposit account, you would have a legitimate business need in connection with a business transaction the consumer has initiated. This section of the law would not allow you to embark upon an information fishing expedition, however. It does not mean that you could call up a credit report on any customer at any time. You must satisfy the criteria for it to be a permissible purpose.

FCRA Staff Opinion: Winston-Banking Agency Counsels

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Public I think you are correct, and I could in fact pay them if

I wanted too. However I don't want to and don't believe I owe these

people a dime. I do have an attorney and I hope when they see who

he is they turn tail and run!

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Wrong name
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