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Can a Settled CCard Account be removed?


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Hello, I've been searching and reading for a week or so regarding credit repair and having items removed from credit reports. What I can't seem to find is info on CCard accounts that were charged off but then settled a few years ago.

I have 2 CCards that I settled back in 2008/2009:

BofA - Pay Status "Account 120 days past due date" Remarks - "Settled - less than full balance" Date closed 3/2009

HSBC - Pay Status "Charged Off" Remarks - "Purchased by another lender" Date closed - 7/2008

Do I still go about the dispute's the same way then if verified used the 623 method? I still have my settlement papers ( ironically the CA for HSBC never reported anything to my CRA's) so these can't really be re-opened or any recourse from my understanding.

Any help is appreciated and I apologize if this is a redundant question - I just couldn't find anything regarding a chargeoff/settlement.

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