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Last Collection In My Way


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At the beginning of the month we had our lender run our credit and a new collection that we werent expecting popped up. Its for over $3000! (including lawyers fees for which we were never served any papers, not went to court) This agency has never once contacted us. I filed an online dispute and sent a DV letter about two weeks ago. The dispute has already come back verified and I am worried. We haven't heard anything from the CA since I sent the DV. Not only can we not afford to pay this debt, but after phoning the CA (before filing the dispute, etc) to find out what the charges were for, they are trying to charge us for things that we don't agree with. Well on the phone they were willing to take it down to $2700. This is the last collection in our way, and if this hadnt came up we would have our pre approval right now!

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