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Pending (Active for 6 years) Foreclosure in New York


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I am a new member and need some advice. We abandoned a house in New York and moved to California in August of 2006. We filed Chapter 13 in December of 2006 in California and relinquished the house. The lender, Indy Mac/One West Bank, obtained permission or relief from the automatice bankruptcy stay in January of 2007. The foreclosure does not seem to get done despite this. The attys for the lender have been to court in NY at least 4 times to no avail. We have done nothing to stand in the way of this and want it to be done. There is no auction date. They will not issue a 1099A. Although the Chapter 13 is being discharged now because we have successfully completed the plan, this foreclosure still prevents us from obtaining any other mortgage funding. Does anyone have any advice?

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