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Former Landlord incurred debt in our my name

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Month to month lease with no recourse for termination indicated in the lease we had prior to the month to month arrangement.

Attempted to give 30 days notice but was not allowed the time prior to keys being demanded (landlord got really nasty). Was demanding the rent for the entire month but since we were not given the month it has not been paid (we were there only 1 week into the month)

Just now discovered via credit report that work was done after our departure and was apparently billed to us as it now reflects on our credit report as a negative. Would not doubt there is a 'good old boys' network at play here.

I have challenged it on the credit report but not sent anything directly to the creditor to challenge it yet. Is it legal for someone to incur debt on your behalf without your say or might I have a case for identity theft? Controlling state would be TN.

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