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Help I dont know how to respond to this Notice of Entry of Order

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I just got this in the mail. I dont understand what I need to do. It is a Notice of Entry of Order from the Plaintiff. Order for Discovery.

Order for Discovery

At a session of said court held in the City of Ishpememing, State of Michigan, on the___day of ____________2012.

Present: Honorable_______________________District Court Judge

The parties having appeard for Defendant's Motion for Objection of Discovery, oral arguement having taken place and the court duly advised in the premise:

IT IS HERE BY ORDERED that the Defendant's Objection to Discovery is denied.

IT IS HERE BY ORDERED that Discovery shall be allowed in the above-captioned matter.

IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that the Plaintiff provide statement of account to Defendant, payments made by Defendant, and documentation of interest rate and amount owed.

____________________District Court Judge

This is from the Plaintiff and is blank where the lines are. What am I supposed to do in response to this?

I am in Michigan. The last court date the judge did say I was denied all my interrogatories and all my discovery. Objected to Plaintiffs exhibits. The judge told the Plaintiff to provide Account Stated, Statements of payments made from def bank account or other method to plaintiff. and documents to show interest calculated adn amount of debt. Told plaintiff if they provided this he would award them MSJ. Said I would need to prove documents of material fact. Which I have contested that they do not have the proper paperwork, no statments showing any transacations, a handful of payments made on a statment, and they are just now submitting documents pertaining to the balance and intrest calculated. Judge has alredy said if Plaintif provides this he will award them a MSJ. I know I am going to have to fight them on account stated.

The judge had told them this needed to be done in 30 days. That was on Feb. 14th 2012, and I am now just receiving this in the mail. Should I object to this order? or is it just stating what the judge said in the last court apperance??

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Generally speaking, the party winning a motion will be responsible for drafting a proposed ordered. The other side will have five days to object and if no objection, the judge signs the order.

On a side note, nice job on winning your motion. How in the world could somebody suing you object to discovery being conducted. What are you just to take their word for it because they say so?

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