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No Summons - Case on Docket 5/3-Cap1 1 JDK v. Me in 2 days

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I live in FL. Someone has been trying to serve me with a summons. You have to be "buzzed" into our building and my 89 yr old mother knows enough to not let anyone in unless we know them. She told me that someone has called twice announcing themselves a process server. On the most recent call they told her I have to be in court on May 3rd (next week) but I still have not been properly served yet and have no idea what they are asking for.

I looked up the public court records online and found that Capital One has a JDB Attorney trying to collect on a 4 year old debt.

What is the best way to proceed at this point? I plan on going to court in the event the plaintiff attorneys will show up despite the fact I have NOT received a summons and get a default judgement.

Should I send the attorney a letter asking them to validate the debt? IDK?!?!?!? Should I send the letter and tell the judge I have not been served and show her the unanswered letter?:confused:

The small claims court pre-trial hearing is in 3 days.

What are my rights? How should I proceed?

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