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Not exactly credit issue-lease law question

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Long story short-I have been renting a house just under four years without incident. I bought a foreclosure house in March that needs some work and make the mistake of telling my landlord about it. He panics and rents the house out to someone else anticipating my departure, but to be clear, I did not give him 30 day notice I would be leaving, nor did he give me 30 days to leave. The remodel at the house we bought was dragging on longer than I thought and my landlord was getting mad because he wanted me to get out and new tenants to come in. He finally makes me sign an agreement saying I will vacate April 30. I move the majority of my stuff out April 27 (I paid my April rent and he cashed the check) leaving some odds and ends and cleanup behind for the 28th...I come home and find he entered the locked dwelling without my consent and tells me at about 10:00 AM that the new tenants will be moving in at about 2:00!

So my questions, given that he broke the lease after taking my rent-is there any remedy to get my full damage deposit back if he tries to blame something on me if I did not get a chance to remedy the situation. Can I clooect for utilities for the two days they were used by someone other than me and can I demand rent back for the two days I was not in the house? Anyone? Thanks!

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