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Payment through MyEdDebt.com


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I was wondering if anyone had some insight into this...

After logging into the nslds.ed.gov website I saw the listing for $843 for the total of all loans.

So then I was trying to track down who I was supposed to pay with some phone numbers and stuff and I was eventually led to myeddebt.com

After logging in there they had my account information, the $843 owed and $17 in fees or whatever and an option to pay through the pay.gov website.

I follow their instructions, get redirected to the pay.gov checkout and pay the entire amount $860 in one payment.

This was on the 26th and the nslds.ed.gov website hasn't shown any change (maybe still too soon), but the myeddebt.com website did show a change. I assumed it should show zero, since I paid everything it said I owed, but now it shows a total debt balance of $168.

Does anyone have any idea why this is happening?

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It can take up to 120 days for NSLDS to update. However, you can call the Department of Education's Loan Department (MyedDebt.com) and ask them for a letter of clearance stating that you paid it off.

They can mail it or fax it. At least that way you have some proof for now that you no longer have that debt. And, since you have the 168 question, you can always ask them about it too.

If you are planning to go back to school and you are appling for Student Loans, you will need the Fax/Letter until the database updates.

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