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Just finished pretrial with Portfolio recovery associates. Need help please

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I just finished my pretrial. The plaintiff Portfolio recovery associates attorney was on the phone during the pretrial. Is that unusual? I received a document after the pretrial saying: Order Granting Plaintiff's motion for counsel to appear telephonically. At the bottom left hand corner it states: I certify that I hand delivered a copy of the foregoing order to all parties on 4/30/2012. I never received any documents. Was I suppose to? If so, is that something I could have used in the pretrial against them?

The judge was asking and telling me lots of different procedures about the preparation for trial. One of them was about witnesses and if I was going to be a witness? I told her not sure, but I might be. She asked if I was going to testify and I told her I might. I was very confused on why she was asking me these questions?:confused:

So, I decided to do mediation and try to settle for a very low amount. Since I would rather try to get pass this asap. Not sure if that will be possible though. If not, next step will be trial. Does anyone think this was the right move or should I have gone straight to trial?:confused:

Does anyone know good sites to read about rights, and laws, etc.?

Any help please!



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