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Hearing tomorrow

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It is a common tactic. bring your person who mailed it as a witness or have them sign an affidavit. If you have CMRRR bring that, watch out for them bringing the responses also to court.

If I were you I would sit away from the door(pro pers always sit as close as possible from the door.) and also if you see your opponents attorney then don't worry. Be able to argue why the court should not give them more time to answer the discovery.

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Well. Looks like there will be a stay of the proceedings and arbitration with JAMS or AAA. The judge was not open to me wanting to use the agreement with JAMS. He was though not open to their assertion it is too late for me to ask for arbitration.

The plaintiff tried to talk me out of arbitration before the hearing, saying it was more expensive and I would have to pay their costs.

I asked for them to make a settlement offer. They are going to send one in writing. We shall see what they come back with.

Any opinions?

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