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Well I just checked my Experian CR and the hard inquiry by the law firm has been removed and my credit score has gone up! I was at 530 now I am 602!

Just received my newest hard copy Cr from Expeiran new score 688!

whooo hoooo!:shock:

Slowly but surely also noticed that last CC I have has been sold so that will make that one easier when and if they go after me.8-)

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Ok back to LTD financial, they do not have a TL on my credit reports, but they are constantly running my credit. Whats up with that? They are only checking transunion

edit: i forgot to mention this is the company that was checking my credit every month for over a year. they are still calling me I always just hang up on them.

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they have been calling but i have not answered them

If they are pulling every month, I would think that's credit poisoning and may lack permissible purpose.

One time, yes... but on a monthly basis with no contact - may border on harassment too.

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Well LTD sent me a letter saying I owe them XXXX, I sent them a letter telling them I needed validation and that the letter they sent did not in any way validate the debt to any sort of satisfaction. I also told them to cease and desist.

Did you send your DV letter within 30 days of their initial contact? BTW, what their initial contact? Also, how did they attempt to validate?

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well considering this was the first time I have ever talked to them. They have been calling for a long time and I never answered the call until lately when I recorded it.

I hate to say it, but without a letter, the initial communication is your word against theirs. You may be able to show the first time you talked to them on the phone, but if they can show they have procedures in place to send out collection letters that include FDCPA notices, that's a he said/she said.

BTW, you said you told them to cease and desist. Is that in relation to the FDCPA or the TCPA? If it's about the FDCPA, I've read court rulings that have said a cease and desist in relation to the FDCPA must be in writing.

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OK they have been calling for a long time. I never answered until the other day when I recorded it. Then they sent me this letter, and I sent them my letter in response.

Here is their letter


LTD Financial Services, L.P.

7322 Southwest Freeway Suite 1600

Houston, Texas 77074 Phone: (210) 253-2050

SERVICES Fax: (713) 414~2126

NOVEMBER 25, 2012





Balance: XXXXX

Dear Beergoggles,

This letter is to confirm that the above named account has been assigned to LTD Financial Services, a collection agency. The balance of XXXX is due by XX/XX/2012. Upon receipt of this amount your account will be paid in full. Please make check payable to ADVANTAGE ASSETS II, INC. or LTD Financial Services and send to above address.

This letter and your canceled check or other receipt will serve as your proof of payment. If you have any questions please feel free to call me at 1-866-998-2500.

If you would like to pay online. See the reverse side of this notice for

visit https://payments. important information about your rights.

This is an attempt to collect a debt and any information obtained

will be used for that purpose. LTD is a collection agency.

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