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Where to find Credit Card Company's State of Incorporation

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Torstev, If i understand what you're asking. I believe the Statutes of Limitation only matters in the state you currently reside in. I.E. I live in SC, My states SOL is 3 years for credit cards. If my last payment to a credit card was over 3 years ago. I could use it as a defense against a Complaint by the credit card company. I have no idea what IL SOL is.

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I believe the Statutes of Limitation only matters in the state you currently reside in.

@UnclePorkchop -- I learned in one of my threads from yesterday (../forums/there-lawyer-house/313649-threatened-civil-lawsuit.html) that the SOL pertains to the state where the OC is incorporated and not the state in which you reside. I was on the same thought-wave-length you are on. But I was enlightened on that matter yesterday.

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Bump... This thread needs to be reconfirmed for fact. L.E. Please confirm your information. Others may be miss led by this information. I may be wrong still but would like some others thoughts in regards, Also i would like to be informed if im wrong.

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The date at the end of this is 3/12.

Cardmember Agreement and Disclosure Statement

Part 1 of 2: Agreement

About this Agreement

Part 1 and 2 together make your Cardmember Agreement and Disclosure Statement (“Agreement”) and govern your

Credit Card Account with us (your “Account”).

Part 1 contains Terms and Conditions. Part 2 contains Annual Percentage Rate (“APR”) and fee information. Please read

and keep both parts of this Agreement.

Thank you.


“You” and “your” means each person who:

• applied for this Account; and/or

• agrees to pay for the Account.

“We,” “us,” and “our” means HSBC Bank USA, N.A. located at 1111 Town Center Drive, Las Vegas, Nevada 89144.

I did see something on the internet saying HSBC sold its credit card operation to Cap near the end of 2011. The NV agreement would be for older accounts I assume, if this sale went through the newer ones would be under VA law.

What To Do If You Find A Mistake On Your Statement

If you think there is an error on your statement, write to us at:


PO Box 5253

Carol Stream, IL 60197-5253 or at the address shown on your billing statement

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I seen that too however, In almost all cases i seen dismissed due to SOL in my state was ruled on the 3 year SOL of south carolina. Perhaps, if an Agreement was contracted to time bar a debt to the banks state location that would obviously the deciding factor in that particular defense.

So don't provide that Written Agreement to the plaintiff, because you know they dont have a copy Haha! I guess..:p

I thought states SOL laws were written in to account where a consumer has his credit established and where he/she spends their money which includes, mortgage, utilities, credits, income ect.

You're right L.E. Just seems others don't Defend them selves with agreement terms and defend with what ever their place of residence is.

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Guest usctrojanalum

It depends more on the State laws regarding SOL. It depends if the State where the person resides views the statute of limitations as procedural or substantive.

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