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basic dunning letter question


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I recently received a wonderful dunning letter from NRA National Recovery Agency. I noticed on the front that there is no mini Miranda but a notice to look on the back for "important notices and consumer rights". Is this appropriate for a dunning letter? I will scan and attach. Any opinions?



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Calls to or from NATIONAL RECOVERY AGENCY may be recorded or monitored.

At least you know if you move to a two-party recording consent state, you can still record the calls.

Looks like a somewhat normal dunning letter, though the wording of what appears to be the mini-miranda isn't quite right. Not sure if you can make a case on that as you can just dispute it in general to get the validation, though technically you are supposed to be able to get by asking without disputing. But I would dispute, anyway, so unless you scraping for an FDCPA award over just getting this to go away, I'd suggest just doing the dispute and go from there, unless you prefer to negotiate a settlement (do not do that if it is not your debt or is past SOL or is near SOL).

Do all communication by CMRRR. Tell them telephone calls are inconvenient for you at all times (don't explain why ... they don't have any need to know why).

If you want to push things even harder. you can just go ahead and send the CC.

Some complaints about them can be seen here:







and more ...

The business name listed for their domain registration is NRA Group, LLC.

They have domain names nragroup.com, nationalrecovery.com. They have email under both of these names.

The business name their internet service is signed up with is Credit Plus Solutions Group.

Their IP addresses are to

Their web server IP address for NRA Group, LLC. - Home - National Recovery Agency is This is where they market their services to financial companies.

Their web server IP address for National Recovery Agency is This is their debtor facing web site.

Their mail server IP address is for both domains.

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Standard stuff. This letter is not misleading or overshadowing, in my opinion. Do validate! And make sure you tell them not to report this to a cra, and if they have they should removed it as you dispute it. Check your CR i nteh next 6o days.

Send certified, but I always skip the green card now. I don't care if the mail room signed for it, I just want to show they got it and usps.com will show that with simple certified or priority.

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