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Received letter to cure. When do I sate my without shooting myself in the foot? case

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Lawyer sent me a right to cure letter representing a CA. I have no intention of paying abusive charges. OC closed account while account was current with no reason given. In my mind the OC ended any contract and have no right to add additional charges.

Verification was sent with citations to Chaudry vs. Gallerizzo.

Is it even worth trying to explain why I am unwilling to pay or just wait for the lawsuit? Or tell them that I am willing to settle for $40 not $1100 plus demanded?

I do not want to go to court but also do not want to give my opponent any advantage.

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your response should be "what right to cure letter?" You are going to court so you should start documenting violations from the start if you can get 2 violations then it is a nullity even if they could win.

so quoting Khan from Star Trek II "Let them eat static"

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