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Help, being sued by Forster and Garbus in NY

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Hi, I really need help on this...today my landlord handed me a few stapled paper which I realized it was a summon from Forster and Garbus.

plaintiff is Citi Bank

Court is Civil Court, County of Queens

Amount: $ 1806

the date is 4/23/2012 but received and filled on 4/27/2012 and I just got it today.

Can anyone tell me what I should do next? They only sent me one letter stating that they are debt collector and attend to collect the debt. Never got contacted from them besides that one letter. I read another thread the same person is being sued by Forster and Garbus and they suggested to ask for verification of the amount. Should I do the same? I'm nervous

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So, I've had two run-ins with F&G...

Bottom line, if you owe the money and you don't want to pay lawyers to represent you or take your chances in court (and believe me, your chances aren't great), I would simply contact F&G and offer a settlement.

Usually, they will settle for about 50% on the dollar, especially for such a small amount.

Believe me, though, if you do not take care of this before the court date and don't show up to court, they will be granted a summary judgment and this will show up on your credit as a public record.

All this debt verification stuff is BS, unless you really don't owe the money, which is when you might want to go down that long road. Otherwise, you might be able to get away with a $900 settlement which they'll take payments on.

Act fast.

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