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BEING SUED BY MIDLAND (new thread started)

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I cannot link to my old thread due to my post count must be at 20 or greater but i am getting no where on that thread....

This is a new thread because I thought I have been sending message to people (not apparently) and I thought I was quoting things and responding (not apparently). Can someone help me out there? I don't know exactly how to word my request for admission of fact/production of document. Can someone look up my old thread. If you contact me in private message i cannot send on back because i have to have so many PMS before i can do so (I dont even know what that means) Anyways, any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks

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Here is your other thread. I looks like it's full of detailed advice. Not sure where the "you are getting no where" is coming from but here is the link.

So have you answered the lawsuit and now are ready to move to discovery? Is that currently where you on this case?

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