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Looking for some help. My wife got a call yesterday morning from a guy claiming to be with "Huntington"...his phone number was an Amarillo tx cell phone#. He was saying she owed money from a payday loan place. He was wanting payment and threatening to "serve" her with pappers for a judgment. She hung up on him and he then psycho called her 18 times! He called twice today and left a number (888-323-4724). So I called and asked for their mailing address so I could send a debt validation letter, they said they don't give that out due to security reasons...what should we do? Thanks.

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You are dealing with a rogue collector. Both of these definitions:

n. An unprincipled, deceitful, and unreliable person; a scoundrel or rascal.

adj. Operating outside normal or desirable controls.

He has already violated the FDCPA repeatedly, showing total contempt for the law:

- falsely threatening legal action

- phoning repeatedly in a manner designed to harrass

- refusing to provide basic contact information

And if they don't send you a letter within 5 days as required by the FDCPA, that's another violation.

So, from one perspective, you do nothing. Ignore these rogues. They can't do anything to you, without you countersuing for FDCPA violations. I personally recommend against EVER sending a DV letter except in response to their required written communication.

From another perspective, if the harassing phone calls continue, you'll want to put a stop to it. With a shady organization like this, your options seem limited. The only thing I can think of is to go to your phone service provider to complain about the harassment and see if they can help by blocking the number or something.

The only other thing I can think of is to go to your courthouse to find out if a case has been filed against her. I truly doubt it.

Good luck.


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Rogue collector that you can sue and collect nothing? Sounds like a challenge to see who can produce the most foul language imaginable. Really, you should get as much satisfaction as you can from dealing with a anus like this, or you shouldn't talk to him at all. Ever. In a case when it's a rogue collector, who may be collecting strictly for himself regardless of whether or not there's a legitimate debt, you either have to be willing to go to the ends of the earth, or be satisfied with convincing him that his momma likes donkeys.

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I've gotten these calls before. It happened both times when I was stupid and entered my phone number online for insurance quotes. I went to a legit looking site that would "shop" rates for me and only have the top three call me.

I lost no money and all I provided was a name and phone number. I should have known when they did not ask for a social or some basic questions that would help determine rates.

Anyway, I live for the moment just to find a reason to end up in court against debt collectors and junk debt buyers. I love it !! Unfortunately, I had to concede that these clowns were just on a throw away phone with no way to serve them, and no way to collect even if I got a default judgement, if I could find a way to serve them (which I have no idea how I could).

It was pretty much a tip off since I've never taken a payday loan and payday loans are illegal in Arkansas, it was a scam.

So what I did was every time they called me, I called them ten times in return in the next 1/2 hour. When I was done I felt I should call the Guinness Book of World Records to let them know I thought whatever the world record was for most profanity during a collection call was, they had a new record holder.

It got where they were yelling at me and I had completely turned the tables on them. They were even telling me they were going to call the police and sue me for harassing them. :ROFLMAO2:

Another time years ago, I would keep silent and listen to the whole spill. Then I would ask them to repeat themselves. The first time they were fine with it. Then I'd ask them again to repeat because I did not understand. They were not happy but went along with it. The third time they were irate and asked me what my problem was.

I said "nothing, I'm wasting your time and have zero intention of paying you a dime. I'm on a hands free driving down the interstate so just having some fun with you, you are having fun, correct?" xxHellxxxxHellxx

The best is to do it to the ones from India that are hard to hear anyway. They are used to having to repeat themselves so they will bite even more times. My record is nine times having them repeating the same thing before they blew up.

Now of course it takes time you could be doing something more productive and it does somewhat go into the category of too much time on your hands, but spend an hour screwing with them and you won't have to worry.

It's not like you can do anything to them. They are basically untraceable.

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