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Small Claims, wrong amounts, unreadable screen prints from 03 and 04 county taxes?


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About a year ago I received two phone calls at work from a credit agency who was trying to collect on a few old bills. During the conversation I asked the gal if she would provide me with a copy of the bills in question so that I can make sure that they weren't already paid for. She told me she didn't have that information, so I told her that she can't ask to me to just pay them money for a bill they can't validate. And I told her not to call me at work, and she got rude before I hung up on her. They tried to call again and I told them not to call me at work and hung up.

About 2 months ago I received a notice to appear for small claims court for these, I appeared with copies of all of the bills I could find, etc.

We met with a mediator and went over the 6 accounts they were trying to collect. I disputed 5 of the 6 accounts. 2 of the accounts were a temporary tax in the county I live in that was only for 3 years from 2003-2005. They are trying to collect for years 04 and 05, I am sure we paid them, but the only thing the credit agency provided me with was their little cover sheet with the break down of the debt and a blurry screen print showing I owed $500+ for one year and was labeled under the wrong year.. it literally made no sense.. for both years the total was about $1000+. What is the statue of limitations on taxes like this? I always thought that 7 years was the cap? And the credit agency told me that was ALL they could get to validate my account.. should I dispute this?

There was one medical bill that I had health insurance at the time and the hospital never ran my account through my insurance and on the billing says they gave me a uninsured discount. I never heard from the hopistal regarding this, the credit agency told me to try to rerun through my insurance... it is a couple of years old.

Then there was a bill for almost $1000 for medical services.. and I had received 1 bill from them for only $300. Same date of service, for my dependant.. but 2 totally different amounts.. What do I do with this situation?

The credit agency agreed to reset my court date for another 30 days.. I go back on the second week in June.

I feel like they just grabbed whatever infor they could, most of it not even correct amounts etc.. and the tax situation has me baffled because I have always gotten a refund, wouldn't they have deducted it from my refund? Is there a statue of limitations on these old taxes?

Any help would be great, thanks!

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Since you're already working through the court system I'd encourage posting in the "Is There A Lawyer In The House" topic as you might be able to get some help there.

Your case is the most complicated I've read through so far, being that they're collecting on 6 accounts. I'll just say that you should remember that the burden of proof lies with the collection agency and their attorney, not you. You can dispute everything and keep them tied up in court until you can get it dismissed.

I'd also encourage you to read up on the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. Try to find any way that they might have violated it which can give you leverage during your proceedings.

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