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Pre-Summons Midland Funding vs. ? Me I Guess

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I went to the court today and confirmed with the records clerk that a case has been filed against me. The case was filed the end of April 2012, but I have yet to be served. I requested a copy of the file, but was told "no," I'd have to wait for the Sheriff to serve the papers.

I am truly a newbie and this bothers me, because it seems like an awfully long time - more than three weeks. Obviously, I plan to respond to the case, deny, and fight Midland Funding.

I'll keep everyone posted, and I look forward to your advice and support. Cheers, cville28. :!:

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Are the court records not public in GA?

Didn't you have some BK lawyers sending you solicitations after getting your address from the court records?

I think they just didn't want get of their lazy a$$.

Have you read the how to beat Midland thread by Coltfan yet?

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Yes, lazy asses is probably it! Clerk said the papers to be served by Sheriff are with them, and you'll have to wait. Very odd indeed. I guess I'll go back next week if I still haven't received the summons. It's been over three weeks since Midland filed and next week will mark 4 weeks. It's Georgia - backwoods small town, I guess.

Everything you said is correct - ambulance BK chasers want my business LOL8-)

I've read stuff from Coltfan, and probably the one you've mentioned. List:

Standing when dealing with JDB

Detailed Discussion on Affirmative Defenses, Including Standing

The All Inclusive I've Been Sued or Contacted by Midland, What's Next and/or Help Me

I've got these bad boys saved for future reference:D

I'm focused on reading and learning while waiting for my summons. I've also got a list of local attorneys in case I need help.

Thanks team:!:

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GA Magistrate Court has a web site, I suggest you read up. There are some real horror stories here about this court. You can't conduct discovery without permission, documents can be introduced at the last minute, judges are buddy buddy with the lawyers, and a lot of people lose their cases. The only good part is that you can appeal to superior court, I posted the form today. Look into getting it transferred to superior court and avoid the headache, if it can be done.

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