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Went to mediation. Not so well

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I went to mediation today with the attorney from portfolio recovery associates. I requested to see proof the account was mine. Also, the amount was correct. He did show up to the mediation. He was on the phone. BTW it was a different attorney from who filed the suit. I guess according to the mediator, Guglielmo and associates go through attorneys pretty quickly. So he pretty hurt from the start, and emailed over some statements, a money order, and terms and condition. The mediator said she would give me until Wednesday to decide if I want to settle or file for discovery. I was also thinking requesting for admissions. To get the bill of sale. As posted by usagi555. Thank you for that. Any help or suggestions? Do you still think I a chance to win or because of the statements and money order chances are slim? Also, with that being said it was emailed and he said he could fax it because everything is electronic in their office. It's not the actually money order, or statements just copies on the computer. Do they have to have the actual money order and statements?

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