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Feel Like a Kid on Christmas Eve

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The intent to sue offering settlement for a nominal sum ;) expires at 11:59 PM tonight.

I have my three copies of the complaint, the summons and the federal cover sheet filled out, a $350.00 check already make out to the court and all sitting right by my door.

Then I have my letter advising them to forward to their attorney and the letter advises it's a blanket rejection of any offer that is less than the exact amount prayed for in the complaint, and any offer that is less will not be responded as it's rejected.

I'll be at the courthouse when they open and since this is a local agency already have the process server lined up and will have these clowns sued and served no later than 10:00 A.M. the day after the ITS expires.

I doubt the Webrecon report from the last one on April 2, has even been updated and made it to them, if they even subscribe to it.

It's on (well soon to be) ::BigGun::

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Nothing says, "Have a nice holiday weekend" like a federal lawsuit being served on you around lunch time and all done in less than 24 hours after the intent to sue expired.

Federal Clerk- Well hello there, how are you. You were just in here a couple of weeks ago, is everything okay.

Me- Oh yes, thank you very much, everything is wonderful, just looking forward to a nice holiday weekend with the family, but needed to get this filed on my way out of town please. Here is the original and the two copies along with my check already made out. The summons and cover sheet are right here for you, and already filled out, signed and dated.

Clerk- Sure, let me look this over. Well okay, you get an "A+" from me, I'll be happy to file this for you, you just wait right there, won't take but a min.

Me- Oh take your time, I just appreciate your assistance, don't rush at all, I'm in no hurry at all.

Clerk- Well this is similar to the one you just dismissed on the 2nd.

Me- Yes, unfortunately I'm forced to speak the only language these collection agencies seem to understand. If it does not come with a federal court seal attached, they seem to ignore me, so I'm just trying to speak to them in their native tongue.

Clerk- :ROFLMAO2: Well that can be a problem for some people, can't it.

Me- Oh yes, but not to worry, I'm good at helping people solve their problems.

Clerk- :ROFLMAO2:

Clerk- Well here you go, I see you have some other copies beside what you gave me, would you like me to file stamp those for you also.

Me- Sure, thanks so much, so nice of you to help me out like this.

Clerk- ::anilove::

Clerk- Have a wonderful holiday weekend.

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