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I am going to be busy this weekend but will check on here to see whats what


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I am kinda stressed alot, I have the appeal, they are garnishing my wages, and today a good friend lost his arm in a machine at work. It is tough to process all this but I am working through it.

If my posts sound the least bit snarky it is not meant to be. I feel that I am taking on too much right now but will clear my stress stack slowly.

I will still help here. getting people to win in court changes the judges perceptions of us. If we do well the judges can only conclude that our positions are correct.

just to let you all know I am barely hanging on but working it out. It has been a thoroughly crappy week for me.

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I went to the counselors the company(best company to work for the owners are family oriented) sent to help us deal with some of the issues in our mind. we are all still raw but working through it.

I thank you for your offer. I was stationed in bremerton for overhaul at PSNS for two years and LOVE washington. I have found memories of Ivar's(met two strippers there at lunch and lets just say it turned out to be the best night of my life. Tattoo to prove it.)

But I will probably be ok. I was not there when it happened(I work a split shift) but My boss was a trusted friend(How often does that happen) and all the other stuff.

So I now this weekend am going to get my motion out, visit my friend at the hospital, and continue to be a member of the Credit Litigation Resistance.

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