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4,000 medical debt.


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Hi, I just came across this site two days ago and decided to finally register before taking action on the one and only collections bill on my reports from Merchants and Medical that was posted around 2/2011.

They're located in Michigan and the bill stems from a visit at a hospital. I've paid all(each stayed OC) but one other bill from this incident, of which will be taken care of shortly.

Now my dilemna is here, I don't recall speaking with them on the phone, ever. But I may have recieved a letter.....it's been ages, though, so a bit hard to recollect. With that said, I doubt I should even bother with DV. I was however, going to contact the OC and see if they give assurance that they sent the debt to MM and if they'd be willing retract it....but I doubt they would, since it's so past due and they should have written it off as a loss, etc.

Regardless, I want to deal with this debt and get it removed from my CRs but I'm not too optimistic that MM will agree to a PFD at 25-50% if I offer that in writng. From the research I've done, google and this site, searching for experiences with MM, my desire will most likely have a unfavorable outcome.

So, basically, should I just get confirmation from the OC that they sent the debt to MM, ask if they can retract if I offer payment. If they say no, write MM and negioate a PFD at 25%-50%. Then if MM declines....I settle in full or make payment plans for the full amount, in writing. Only options I see available to me at the moment.

If you guys and gals can think of another course of action, chime in, otherwise I'll continue on as stated above.

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It sounds like you've got a decent grasp on the situation and I profoundly believe in exploring all options available. Your timeline of options looks good.

Sometimes an OC will agree to take back an account but it is rare.

Just remember that debt buyers pay pennies on the dollar (even 25% is a good profit for them), and that you need to always get agreements that explicitly spell everything out in writing.

Also consider that the Statue of Limitations in Michigan is 6 years for this kind of debt so you've got another 3 years of potential for lawsuits.

Lastly, if you do settle with the collection agency you need to protect yourself from them selling the remainder of debt to another agency, and that making payments renews the Statute of Limitations.

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