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CIC GURUS: Please give me your thoughts on this OC phone script based on your advice


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CIC GURUS: I am New and i have listened to you...Please give me your thoughts on this FINAL OC phone script based on your wise advice..before i send it.

I don't know what i am going to do yet until i get all the medical bills: moratorium w tiny payments, fight dispute get sued and settle, or BK

Right now i have had no communication with OC in 30 days 5 phone calls a day, which goes to vm.

My intended result is to communicate without saying something stupid and preserves all my options and buys me time to decide before being sued.

assumptions: to admit or pay on debt means you cannot dispute it later

and a judgement is easier. ? yes no?

That to ignore them with no communication is asking for trouble yes no?


A script that is respectful short and preserves all legal options:


#1 ) I am currently experiencing Serious Financial Hardship

I don't have any money to pay you, anyone i can borrow from, or any assets.

I am broke and going through serious financial and medical hardship.

I dont have any money to pay you or assets, and i don't expect to have any money, and I am currently experiencing serious financial and medical hardship.

#2) "I don't have any money; I don't have an income; I don't have any assets

#3 If they ask you for things like good faith payment:

"I don't have any money and any assets and I don't expect to have any money, but if/when circumstance change you will be the first company I think of"

#4 if they try to get you to borrow from someone.

"My parents/ friends/family etc. do not have money either


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You have no money to pay them. The phone jerks that call you don't care. Their script says you're a dead beat trying to skip out on paying them. They will not care what you have to say.

Don't answer the calls until you win the lottery and have money to pay them, or until you can say "here's the name of my BK attorney".

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I agree with willingtocope...if you have nothing to work with why talk to them at all? I see no benefit to you or to your creditor(s) in talking to them on the phone (and keep in mind, these people are experts in finding ways to manipulate you which is why the want to talk on the phone in the first place).

It might be worthwhile to write a letter(s) to any CA(s) contacting you to tell them you are unable to pay anything but will contact them when you do but that's as much as I would do. After that, I'd simply block every number they call from so that you don't even get the calls (or at the very least, ignore them).

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Guest usctrojanalum

I'd pick up just say listen, I don't have any money to pay you right now, you can keep calling if you want but there is no money for you. when i do save up enough money to afford a BK lawyer, I will be filing then.

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I do not even answer the phone or if they say this is a recorded call I hang up I would not say anything to them, let them do ALL the talking do not answer anything. I would be totally silent on my end not saying a word and maybe a heavy breath or 2! I do not even let them know its me. I might say hello and thats it nothing more.

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Not a lot of damage you can do based on your financial situation. However, I would not put anything in writing to them. You never know and you don't want to have painted yourself into a corner, in writing. Not a big deal though, based on your situation.

As to your question about what to say to them, save your breath. They are not going to care.

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Pretty much, the OC can call you as much as they want for now.

The *real* fun starts once they sell your debt to a JDB. Then you wait for the JDB to mess up with FDCPA violations. And you nail them.

But yeah, save your breath for now. They don't care. In fact, they are taught *not* to care about your sob story, they've been programmed to believe that you're a deadbeat who just doesn't *want* to pay.

Good luck.


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