Midland Funding Vs Me (Did I win?)

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Please don't take this as an insult, it's not. You did great. You showed up ready to fight !!!!!! Great job !!

But I think it is freaking the funniest thing when I see posts like this. Somebody that knows so little about the legal system and court that has to ask if they have won when they get an order like this, and Midland still can't beat them. In fact, won't even try. It's just simply priceless.

Anybody that is reading these boards that are thinking about fighting Midland, please pay close attention to posts like this. In fact, I'm linking this to my Midland thread.

Nice job. It's funny and a great job all at the same time.

Midland can't even beat debtors that don't know if they won or lost in court..... :ROFLMAO2:

Oh and yes you won !!! In fact, that's not just a dismissal that is the judge trying the case and finding in your favor. So you now also have the civil court equal of double jeopardy attached.

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Oh I forgot to add, the judge ruled you can collect your costs from them.

Oh it just keeps getting better and better, YES !!!! :ROFLMAO2::ROFLMAO2::ROFLMAO2:

This is just too great.


Now send Midland a bill for your costs for having to fight them on a case that they would not even show up to court for that you are not even sure if you won or lost. :ROFLMAO2:

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I thought that it was just too easy.

It was too easy. Should you ever go through this again, you certainly can't count on it being this easy the next time.

But there are some old baseball sayings that apply here.

The first is "You can't hit the ball if you don't swing the bat."

The second is "Good things can happen if you put the ball in play."

By defending yourself in this lawsuit, you "took your swing," and when you "put the ball in play," they committed an error which allowed you to circle the bases and reach home safely. Well done!



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Was the original post removed?

Happens a lot. The person sues the creditor and part of the agreement is to remove all postings and then sign a non disclosure agreement. Of course nobody knows for sure, but when you see that it usually means somebody is cashing another one of Midland's checks.

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