Wine of the Month Club question

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In return for making a few connections for someone who cold called me looking for help, I got a gift subscription to the Wine of the Month Club (this guy really, really didn't have to do that).

I have to be honest, due to travel, illness and forgetting it was there, I haven't even opened one of the bottles. Yet.

This was a really thoughtful gift, but not having tasted any of the selections that were sent to me, does anyone have experience with how good the selections are? I love the idea of giving this as a gift to business connections, but I don't want to seem like a rube for sending junk wine to an oenophile.


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Good point.

The packing seems pretty robust, with lots of molded styrofoam to keep the bottles in place. I know that doesn't do too much to deflect heat.

I've had pretty good luck with shipments from other wine clubs (all from a single winery... all in my general vicinity).

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