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Experian is a brick wall!

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I did a simple "not mine" dispute 2 yrs ago with Experian for an OC TL. They verified.

Now, 2 yrs later, a lot has happened so I disputed the TL again but this time gave new, specific, detailed dispute for balance, a reported payment I did not make, dates, etc.

My reason for the dispute is to get the TL deleted due to an NDA in place.

Experian refuses to re-investigate unless I send them relevant proof for my dispute.

I have proof within the wording of a PUBLIC court document.

However, I am unsure if I will be breaking the NDA if I share this even though it's a public record.

I'm stuck! Does anyone know if I can send this document without shooting myself in the foot?

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If you dispute a debt claiming it is "not yours," attempting to prove it is "not yours" by providing the credit reporting agency with proof that it "is yours" is probably not going to achieve that goal.

The question is, "Is the trade line being reported correctly"?

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nascar, please re-read my original post.

I did the "not mine" simple dispute 2 yrs ago just to start the process to set up FCRA for arbitration.

Things settled very satisfactorily before the need for any FCRA claims.

Now, 2 yrs later, I am attempting to get the TL deleted because there is an NDA in place and OC can not disclose info.

I have hit a snag in my plans by Experian refusing to re-investigate without further info for proof of what I am disputing as inaccurate.

I have a public court document which states the fact.

I am concerned about sharing this document, even though it is public record, due to breaking my end of the NDA.

I am trying to grasp if I can disclose the proof to Experian.

Redacted the document is an idea, but if I redact details, how will they know it pertains to me, the OC, and the specific acct?

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