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Question with 4a and 4b on CMC statement

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I have all of it completed except for that. Basically my defense is standing, or lack thereof. In 4a, am I required to list all causes of action, or is that for plaintiff to do?

And in 4b, given lack of standing is my defense, what would be a good, brief way to phrase that?

Thank you!

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You probably are overthinking it. That's pretty common around here. Here's what our lawyer put:

4. Description of case

a. Type of case in (checked "complaint") An alleged account stated stemming from a credit account.

b. Provide a brief statement of the case, etc.

Plaintiff alleges an account stated stemming from a credit account.

Note that my wife was sued for "Account Stated", a specific legal theory as a cause of action. You may have been sued for "breach of contract" or "money lent" or whatever, so you would need modify it as necessary.

Oh, and BrunoTheJDBkiller is not the forum administrator or moderator, so he doesn't have the authority to admonish you. Open threads as you see fit to answer separate issues. Electrons are free, no need to conserve.



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