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Request for Admissions, Produce, Interrogatories

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So I filed my response and received in the mail today a Request for Admissions (35 days), with 17 points that all basically say you owe X amount of dollars, or you do not deny you owe, or you have not paid, or etc...

also Request to Produce

1. invoices


3.cancelled checks used 2 pay

4.contracts and agreements

5.all correspondence

6. all correspondence sent

7.entire file concerning

8.payable ledger

9.written objections

you get the point

also Notice of Service of Interrogatories (30 days)

13 different things

basically who will i call, who pays the bills, who did i talk to etc..

TO REVIEW.. this is an original creditor..I am trying to push my court date back as far as possible.. Is there a noncommittal way to answer these to stall for time.. If I do not respond at all, do they win or is it just more paperwork.

Is there paperwork I should ask for...

When I look at the case online there is no court date set.. unless I am looking in the wrong spot..(Florida) basically i have not received ANYTHING from the court except the summons

Thanks for your help

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