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Are these the same company - Cavalry...


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I tried to do a search on this but didn't find the answer, so I apologize if someone has already asked:

Are these the same company:

Cavalry SPV I, LLC

Cavalry Portfolio

Cavalry Portfolio Services

Cavalry Investments, LLC

I am being sued by one of them, but have found about 75 collections cases currently being decided in my district from them. I was just curious.

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Here's what I found:


About Cavalry Investments

Cavalry Investments, LLC is a purchaser of distressed debt portfolios. Portfolios acquired by Cavalry Investments, LLC are collected by Cavalry Portfolio Services, LLC, an affiliate dedicated to customer service. Cavalry Portfolio Services, LLC is focused on providing each customer with an affordable solution and helping to create a win-win situation. The highly trained, professional staff at Cavalry is committed to our motto, "Cavalry………to the rescue" and we believe in making a difference one person at a time.


So I interpret it this way: Cavalry Investments, LLC is the parent company. They buy debts. I think they bundle debts, maybe selling shares to investors, into Cavalry SPV I, LLC. I think there's also a Cavalry SPV II, LLC. I envision this entity/entities as being the ones with the cash, and have few employees, who basically shop for, research, and buy the bad debts from Original Creditors. Then the division known as Cavalry Portfolio Services, aka Cavalry Portfolio, is the collection arm. I envision this entity as having no assets and many employees, who are the ones who call consumers and try to collect. If successful, this division gets their percentage for their efforts, and sends the bulk of the cash collected on up to the parent.

In short, yes, they're all the same company, and any one of them could be listed as the plaintiff on a lawsuit.



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