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OC CC Offerd 9k settlement, countered with 2K, Why Did they want medical records?


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OC CC Offerd 9k settlement, I countered with 2K, then they asked for medical records before they could even consider a lower offer than 9k

1) why do they want them?

2) its not me sick, i am taking care of them, its my fiancee and other family members.

3) isn't that privelidged info and HIPPA etc

4) I get the feeling they want some kind of info from them, that would not be smart to give them?

Thanks so much for the advice, I really appreciate it.

OC CC Chase 30% of total offer, with "settled" on CR

95 days late 29K total on 3 cards

I am in and out of hospital taking care of Fiancee breast cancer etc., lots of bills, SE, and no assets


Thanks so much for all your wisdom.

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Be very careful which debt you decide to settle and which you pay.

From my own experience I paid all my medical debt (breast cancer too) with the exception of one $485 bill to my oncologist that was included in my BK (all other medical to this dr was paid). Because of that I can't ever go back to that particular oncologist or get any records and she has my whole file. I'm blacklisted by the accounting department. I can't even make an appointment. So, just giving you a warning so you know the result. I don't think the hospital can blacklist, but the dr's office can and some will do so.

Don't give any medical records to the CA. It's beyond unreasonable for them to have any access to the medical records.

PS I even tried to pay off the debt after the BK and the accounting dept said they would take the money but still wouldn't allow access to the dr or release my medical records. :shock:

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They know they can't get the records unless they get them from you.

It's none of their business as to the specific medical records and you know no good can come from releasing records to the Chase (or any other creditor or debt collector)!

Hasn't Chase been recently sanctioned due to false records and false affidavits for their credit card delinquent debt? I'll go look for the info....there must be a way you can use that to benefit you and your settlement negotiations.

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Only time you should give medical records to a collection agency is when you are suing them for emotional distress and you've already laid the foundation for those records by complaining to the doctor about the stress a collection agency is causing you.

Then when they get your records thinking they have just called your bluff, they see their name all in the records as the underlying cause of ones stress.

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