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My Win against Midland


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Here is my Midland Story.

Early March i got a dunning letter from Midland about a credit card I had to let go (no details please)

I responded with a validation letter on 3/31 with 30 days for them to respond. - No response to date

Recieved notice on my credit report service that a negative mark was made

I disputed their information on my credit account on 6/2.

I finally received a letter from them about a week later requesting why i disputed and proof.

I sent them a 15 day validation letter on 7/3 with the letter from earler, cmrrr and a summary of why i was disputing it.

they sent another letter a few days letter with the exact phrasing also another bill for the amount due

I sent them a 48 hour letter last monday claiming violations of FDCPA and lawsuits if they don't respond. CMRRR showed they received it wednesday. In my mailbox on friday I get a letter that they have removed the negative remarks on my credit account and remove the account from their system.

Hope this helps people dealing with Midland pre-lawsuit

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Well a win is a win in my book against Midland. I guess the important thing is not how you got to the the victory, but you won. Some of the letters and demands might not have been cloaked in legal precedent, but who cares I guess, you won.

Do Keep in mind, while unlikely, they could sell this off to somebody else. Since you don't really have an official release it could happen. I would not lose a wink of sleep over it, but just a heads up.

Good job on keeping at them with whatever strategy you used. At the end of the day, they tucked tail and went coward on you, so that gets the usual ::BigGun:: when it comes to kicking Midland's a$$.

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