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OC listed by CACH in compliant

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Compliant states "Account was Assigned for value by original creditor "WAMU" to CACH,LLC. My charge card, account statements and credit report show the account to be owned and serviced by Chase Bank not WAMU.

?How significant of an issue is this and thoughts on how best to address.



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Considering Chase serviced the account, there's no way they can provide a bill of sale from WAMU to Cach. The bill of sale would, more than likely, be from Chase to Cach.

It would help if you would copy and answer the questions in the link.


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Although it does mean it would be much harder for CACH to get a hold of the right records to prove their ownership of the debt, it probably doesn't matter what name they give it (my lawsuit is the same - all their documents to me cite WaMu yet by the time the [alleged] account charged off it was Chase).

I don't expect to get any traction with the court regarding the inconsistencies of the original creditor's name under which the account has been known.

But it will come in handy for me - and you - if CACH can't find the records they need to find to validate their lawsuit.

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