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Hello! I need help finding the Registered Agent in Florida for a group called

"The Nexxus Group"(TNG). TNG is a Massachusetts LLC(I.D. #743050044); they are a company specializing in Scan Based Trading(SBT), including newspapers. TNG gets sales data and money online from stores in Florida(also other states), and sends payments to the vendors in Florida(also other states). I checked with the Florida Department of State(FDofS), both corporations and ficticious names, but found no listing.

Should they be listed in the FDofS database to work in Florida? Or does the fact they do things on-line give them a bye?

Also, how can I tell what kind of business an entity is in when looking at the FDofS listing? If not here, where?


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Nexus Group, Mergers and Acquisitions

Nexus Group, Inc.

Mailing Address:

3305 Bartlett Boulevard

Orlando, Florida 32811

Phone: 407.297.0040

Fax: 407.297.1618

Nexus Group caters to a distinct clientele. Our ideal client typically has the following attributes:

Is a service business with a large portion of its value in goodwill (an intangible asset)

Is a retail and wholesale insurance distribution firm (agency or broker)

Is either multiline, P&C, employee benefits or a niche spe******t

Has a successful corporate history

Is unlikely to perpetuate internally due to increases in the value of the agency

Does not necessarily "have to sell"

Has between 10 and 150 employees

Has total revenues between $1 million to $50 million (with the heaviest concentration ranging from $2 to $20 million)

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