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Request for reargue?

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Hi ya Folks ! Happy holiday to you all !!


Yet the Judge said his decision is not arguable in the letter he sent

and on the Docket it also indicates the item of DENIED is marked as




RESULT: Denied (arguable) No

Plaintiff was a no show at their own MSJ request.

Didn't the Judge here just say that the court order was denied and that it is not arguable?

Then why are they asking to reargue?

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Nope, you can file a motion to reargue in CT if you failed to show for court, believe it or not. You have to give a valid reason, usually that the paperwork was not sent to you in time, etc. That doesn't mean you're going to prevail. When a judge says his decision is final and you motion anyway, you're going to have a problem. Especially when you're the one that filed the motion. Vinny should file a one page objection citing the judge's decision. "Arguable" and "Non Arguable" in Ct means that you either get to go to court for oral argument or not. It doesn't necessarily mean that the judge is telling you that his decision is final. No judge can arbitrarily take away your rights under thr rules of procedure. This will all come down to what excuse the lawyer makes. The excuse should be in the motion to reargue. What is it?

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Yes they have and continue to do so 1step! How are ya?

Thanks Bruno You JDB Killah !

I didn't get it yet they just efiled it with the court looks like. From what the clerk of court said ...the lawyer was doing another case and showed up 3 hours later. Don't know if he called the court to say that they would be late.

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