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Now here's a question that sounds crazy..


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but really it isn't. My stepdad has offered to help me pay a "lump sum" debt settlement amount with his credit card - i couldn't do it otherwise - given that it has 0% APR and we can then begin to pay that off together (I'm close to bankrupt after a divorce and moving back to the UK from the US with both my kids).

Will the credit card companies - once a settlement is reached - accept a payment from someone else on my behalf? I am no longer in the country, after all. I'm just so thankful to have some help here and I'm hoping the answer is yes.

If anyone can answer this, it might give us some more leverage going forward in sorting this mess out.

Thank-you in advance.

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0% APR cant go wrong.Send us a post card.

hmmm.. do i detect a slight tinge of sarcasm there? :)

next question:

I owe $10K and $4K respectively on two Chase credit cards, and $5K on Capital One.

What should I offer them all? I can probably manage to pay about 30% of each with family help. Is that likely to succeed? How long will this negotiation process take? I don't live in the US any more. Will they try to sue me here in the UK over these amounts?

I'd really like to hear from someone about this. I'm in the midst of an ugly divorce and have had to move back home with my family in the UK with my two kids, on our own.

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