Sent Zwicker request for Arb and Validation- is this proper reply

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I am sorry if this was posted elsewhere, I cant find the answer that I am looking for.

I sent a letter to Zwicker and a$$. asking for DV and elect ARB. I just received a letter that said "Here are your documents, please call one of our non attorney customer service agents to discuss resolving the amount owed on your account."

This was on Zwicker and a$$. attorney at Law letterhead. Attached is a monthly billing statement from the OC. How should I reply?

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I would like to pay something, just not what they say I owe. I would love them to offer me a decent settlement.. Ultimately that is my goal.

You'll need to take the lead on this. They want it all. If you want a settlement, offer it. Make it clear that you refuse to pay any money you don't owe, and stand your ground.

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